What is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon or rectum. Sometimes it is called colon cancer. The colon is the large intestine or large bowel. The rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus.

It’s the Second Leading Cancer Killer

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be. If everyone aged 50 years or older had regular screening tests, at least 60% of deaths from this cancer could be avoided. So if you are 50 or older, start getting screened now.

Are you at Risk?

Both men and women can get it.

  • Colon cancer affects individuals equally, regardless of gender.
  • It is most often found in people 50 or older.
  • If you have a family history of colon cancer.
  • African Americans have a slightly higher risk of colon cancer.

Dr Atif Shahzad - Advanced Gastroenterology Center PA